Our story

Located in a scenic acreage property at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, owners Trudy, Steve and Matt invite all gin lovers to their Distillery and Tasting Bar. Enjoy our picturesque setting while kicking back, relaxing and sipping one of our handcrafted signature gins and perhaps a cocktail and a food platter!

The genesis of Ambleside Distillers originated from Matt living in London and working in the hospitality scene just when the Gin revival began to take off. His keen interest in the Distillery scene and a couple of years of R&D, which of course included endless tastings, evolved into the launch of Ambleside Distillery in 2016.

Being set in the pristine Adelaide Hills means we have access to some amazing produce and the distillery incorporates locally grown and sourced products where it can. Our three signature gins that have been crafted from each of our own personal tastes, use some of our home-grown botanicals from the distillery garden. 

Ambleside Distillers brings you local batch distilled gin, using our Australian handcrafted copper still, to produce sensational batches of gin, showcasing our own individual tastes and favourable botanicals, each bottle is handcrafted by the Ambleside Distillers themselves. 

Big Dry Gin

Our “Big Dry Gin” with its classic dry gin style plus the big flavour of our favourite pepper, the Jalapeno.

No 8 Botanical Gin

A taste of sunshine! This gin showcases beautiful local citrus, surrounded by other local and classic botanicals.

Small Acre Gin

Our gin that uses twelve ingredients including produce from our distillery garden, other local and traditional botanicals.

Small Batch, hand bottled Artisan Gin made at our Adelaide Hills Distillery in Hahndorf. Share our passion - and a gin or two and maybe a cheese platter, at our Hahndorf Tasting Bar.